when you join our farm's CSA, you're agreeing to these terms:

  • we aim to start the baskets the week of June 12, but this can be pushed a week or two if the weather doesn't let us do our thing early enough. if this is the case, don't fret, the length of your subscription will stay the same. with a CSA, you're sharing the inherent risks - and bounty - of farming.

  • our season runs for 18 weeks, starting the week of June 12, ending the week of October 16. there is a one week break towards late August so we can get away! you won't be charged for that week.

  • the price is $30/week for a small share and $45/week for a large share.

  • if you choose a vacation share (16 weeks of baskets instead of 18), please notify us of your vacation week no later than the Sunday before your pick-up.

  • To reduce our use of plastic, your veggies will be packed into re-usable totes. Members will pay a $25 deposit for 2 totes. Just bring back your empty tote from the previous week when you pick up your veggies, and we'll take it back to the farm, clean it out and bring it back full of veggies for you the following week.

  • when you sign up, you're agreeing to pay for your share on time. you can pay up front, or in installments. preferred payment methods are e-transfer or cheque. if you miss a payment, we'll get in touch to discuss and won't provide baskets until payment is made.

  • it's your responsibility to pick up your share each week. if you need to send someone else to pick up your share, make sure they know pick-up location and hours, and to only take the tote with your name.

  • if you're unable to pick up your share one week, please give us at least a day's notice and we'll donate your veggies.

  • if you miss a pick up, your share goes to the pick-up host, who can keep it stored for you if they're able to, or donate/keep it at their discretion. if you're going to be a bit late you can call us or the host of your pick-up site and let them know, but it's ultimately up to the host what they can accommodate.

  • CANCELLATION: if you need to cancel your share for any reason, send us an e-mail. we will issue a prorated refund.

CHOOSE YOUR BASKET SIZE - a $25 deposit will be added for re-usable totes and refunded at the end of the season once totes are returned
CHOOSE YOUR PICKUP LOCATION - all pickups are on thursdays
SPONSORED SHARE: members and non-members can purchase a share (1 week to a full season) that we will donate to food-insecure families in the community.

we'll respond shortly by e-mail ~ please check your spam folder.