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Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA share provides you with a direct relationship to where your food is produced (here!) and who is growing it (I am!). With this model, you pay the full cost of the share at the beginning of the season*, which allows us farmers to purchase seed and equipment in the spring when our costs are high. It allows you to eat seasonally, locally, and deliciously all summer long and know exactly where it's coming from.


When you sign up for your share, you are reserving part of the farm's harvest, from which you will custom order a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits weekly from June to October. Your share gets harvested within a few days of pick-up to ensure it is super fresh.

The crop plan is diverse so that you will have plenty of variety even when a few crops inevitably fail due to weather or get munched by marauding deer.

*Payment plan is available if you need it!




  • Each week you'll get to order your very own selection of veggies and fruits (this year I'm growing strawberries!!) representing your share of the harvest. When I send out the weekly farm newsletter, you'll also get an online ordering link to place your order from everything ripe and ready that week.

  • Customizing your share each week gives you some flexibility. You don't need to order exactly the share's $ worth that you've prepaid for ($30/week for regular shares, $45/week for large shares), and if you go on vacation, simply opt out of ordering that week and use of your credit during a week you are feeling hungrier, going on a canning spree or having a dinner party.

  • There will also be a "farmer's choice" option in case you prefer when I recommend what you should eat every week!

  • When you place your weekly order, you'll also choose which day you are coming to the farm to grab your veggies (there will be two pick-up days per week to keep it convenient).

  • The season will run for 20 weeks from mid June to end of October.

  • Can't subscribe but want to support small farms and community health? Check out the sign-up form to find the option for sponsoring a full or partial share. However much you can contribute, it'll be distributed to local folks experiencing food insecurity with the help of the ever-inspiring charity Loving Spoonful.

  • Not sure if you can commit to weekly veggies or the farm pick up? Consider splitting a share with a friend, roommate, or coworkers and fighting over who gets what! This year I'm working on connecting CSA members who live near each other to facilitate pick-up duty sharing. I know the farm is a trek from towns like Kingston but I'm hoping to foster a community of CSA members who support each other as well as supporting their farmer!



Our regular share is suitable for a small family, couple, or one veggie-lover who likes to cook several times each week. If you are new to the CSA or a picky eater I recommend you start here and get a feel for eating seasonally! If you run out of money part way through the season, you can top up your share!


Our large share works well if you eat a lot of veggies. Good for a large household, someone who likes hosting dinner parties, or a pair of vegetarians/vegans.

Remember that you can always freeze or preserve extra veggies to munch on throughout the winter months or share some extras with friends and family!



                regular share: $600

works out to $30/week for 20 weeks, but you can order more or less than that each week

                        large share: $900

works out to $45/week for 20 weeks, but you can order more or less than that each week



A regular share allows you to order about 7 or 8 different veggies each week and stay within prepaid budget. Larger shareholders will take home about a dozen items each week. The crop plan revolves around keeping the options as diverse as possible so you aren't ordering the same old thing every week. You'll be able to choose from a constant supply of staples such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes... and you can get fancy and order something more unusual that you can't find at the store, or try something new! Unusual veggies I've come to love as a farmer are napa cabbage, fennel, celeriac, raddichio, rapini, lemongrass, and asian greens like mizuna and tatsoi.


Here's a list of some of what will be growing at Charlie's Acres as we roll through the seasons:


  • arugula

  • spinach

  • broccolini

  • carrots

  • scallions

  • baby beets

  • snap peas

  • garlic scapes

  • lettuce

  • asian greens (tatsoi, mizuna, loose leaf cabbage etc)

  • kohlrabi

  • radishes

  • salad turnips

  • rapini

  • microgreens & pea shoots

  • kale & collards

  • cilantro

  • swiss chard

  • radicchio


  • beans

  • beets

  • shishito peppers

  • cabbage

  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes

  • carrots

  • kale

  • summer squash like zucchini and patty pans

  • scallions

  • basil

  • swiss chard

  • lemongrass

  • hot peppers (anaheims, jalapenos, cayennes, and hotter!)

  • ground cherries

  • strawberries

  • carrots

  • sweet peppers

  • cherry tomatoes and big juicy heirloom beefsteaks

  • tomatillos
  • fresh herbs such as dill, assorted basils, cilantro and parsley

  • potatoes

  • fresh onions & scallions

  • swiss chard

  • watermelons

  • eggplant

  • cantaloupe

  • lettuce

  • celery


  • cabbage

  • cauliflower

  • salad turnips

  • lettuce

  • parsnips

  • winter squash

  • pumpkin

  • potatoes

  • collars & kale

  • leeks & onions

  • beets

  • rapini

  • raddichio

  • broccolini

  • celeriac

  • fennel

  • microgreens

  • daikon & watermelon radish

  • rosemary, sage, etc

  • autumn strawberries!


Thanks! We'll get in touch soon.

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