The sweet, rich taste of a fresh tomato from the garden is incomparable to those lifeless, mealy ones you find in the grocery store in the winter (and spring, summer and fall?)


Galina (heirloom)

Jaune Flame (heirloom)

Sweetie  (cherry)

Gardener's Delight  (cherry)

Blush (cherry)

Purple Bumblebee (cherry)

Bizhiki (greenhouse)

Prudens Purple (heirloom)

Yellow Brandywine (heirloom)

Black Krim (heirloom)

Cosmonaut Valkov  (heirloom)


Don’t store tomatoes in the fridge! They get mealy that way. Leave them on the counter when whole, or turned face-down onto a plate if sliced through. Eat within a few days. Tomatoes can be easily frozen. If they are small, pull off the green cap if there is one. Big tomatoes benefit from having the core cut out with a paring knife -- cut a small cone shape out. Freeze on a baking sheet in a single layer. Once frozen, toss them in a container or a bag.


When you go to use those frozen tomatoes  for soup, sauce or curries, just drop them in boiling water or microwave for 30 seconds and the whole skin should slip off in one piece. Rough chop while still firm and voila, you’re in business!