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Spicy, crunchy globes of colour! The hotter the weather, the spicier they get.


Cherry Belle

French Breakfast

Easter Egg Mix

Black (winter)

Watermelon (winter)


Separate the greens from roots and store in the fridge. Store the radishes in a bowl of water in the fridge to keep them extra crunchy. This makes snacking from the fridge a flash, and they should last up to 2 weeks this way. Change the water every few days.

Store the greens in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to 1 week.


If you don’t like a spicy radish, roast them and them into soup, which sweetens them up considerably, or add more maple syrup or honey to your salad dressing.

Radish greens are hairy and coarse, but like nettles, that texture disappears when you cook them down into something warm.


- raw with a dash of sea salt

- Sliced thinly on salad, especially with sour or creamy dressing

- Roasted radish and greens soup

- Mooli ki saag (radish leaves)

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