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Peas go in the soil as soon as it thaws and don't mind a little cold. In fact, they love the cool weather, and are sweeter when it's cool and taste milder when it's a hot spring.




Peas are best fresh, so we recommend eating them within 3 days. You can store them in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge for up to 7 days. Shelling peas should be shelled just before using.


Earlier in the season you eat the whole pod as a “snap pea” which is crunchy and filled with small delicious peas. Later in the season, they develop a string and the peas inside fatten up, this is when you eat them as a “shell pea”. Snap off the top and pull the string all the way down the indented side of the pea to access the juicy pearls..i mean peas.. inside.


- Dip them into hummus and snack, snack, snack

- Stir fry (add them toward the end), like this one with carrots

- Mushroom and sugar snap pea risotto

- Chopped into fresh salad

- Shelled peas in perogies or steamed

- Pods for a chilled soup (toss them in the freezer and mix them with any green soup you make in the future)

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