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We grow head lettuce and it’s so pleasing to see it in a row… but even better in your bowl! 


Crispino (iceberg)

Black Seeded Simpson, Tropicana (frilly green looseleaf)

Kweik, Hilde II (green butterhead)

Vulcan, New Red Fire (red and green looseleaf)

Red Salad Bowl (burgundy and green oakleaf)

Rosaine, Cegolaine, Newham (baby romaines)

Cougar (romaine x Batavian cross with open, savoyed leaves)


Store in a plastic bag in the fridge as a full head. Lettuce is best if eaten within a few days, but it will keep for up to a week. All greens will store better unwashed - so only wash right before you plan to eat them.


Depending on the size of the leaves, you can use some for wraps or tear it all up into a salad or on your sandwich.


-Green Goddess dressing 

-BLT or A(vocado)LT

-Taco topping or shell alternative

-Lettuce wraps

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