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Also known as celery root, celeriac tastes like a cross of celery stalks and parsnip, with a touch of sweetness that really comes through when cooked.




Remove and compost stalks and store the root loosely in a plastic bag in the fridge. You'll peel the bulb before you cook it, so you can leave any residual soil on the bulb while storing.

Will last 3+ weeks.


Celeriac is unbelievably delicious when roasted, grated, stewed, blanched, or mashed!

If you get celeriac with the tops on, it’s really just because it looks awesome. Even though they look like celery, the tops are hollow and not typically eaten raw — we usually throw into a bag of scrap veg to make soup stock from. If you're not into them, just compost the stalks and call it a day.


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