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Made beautiful by betalains, beets are also versatile — excellent shaved raw and delicious roasted or pickled. Did you know that beets and swiss chard are the same species, and that beets are in the same family as quinoa, lambsquarters and spinach? People have been cultivating and eating beets since Ancient Egypt, though back then they seem to have mostly been eating the leaves, which are generally less popular these days, despite being deliciously acidic and pairing well with garlic in a sauté.


Detroit Dark Red

Early Wonder Tall Top

Chioggia Guardsmark

Touchstone Gold


If you receive your beets with the tops on, cut them off from the root and store them separately in plastic bags in the fridge.

Roots will last a month or more.

Greens will last up to 7 days in a plastic bag.


Dealing with beets can be a bloody mess. Try leaving the skin on, the texture is nice and it provides an extra layer of protection for your hands so they don’t turn red. 

Adrienne’s lazy way: Beets are delicious shredded raw on a salad, skin and all. No cooking required.


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